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Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Planning Program

Cambie Corridor phase 3

The Cambie Corridor Plan was approved in 2011 and wrapped up the first two phases of the planning program. It set the vision for key properties along major streets and provided a broad strategy for public benefits and spaces, and neighbourhood energy opportunities.

The Cambie Corridor Planning program guides long-term growth in areas along Cambie Street and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

The 19-km line connects residents to jobs, amenities, and services throughout the Corridor and city, linking the area to downtown Vancouver, Richmond, Vancouver International Airport, and to other east-west transit services.

We’re working on Phase 3

Phase 3 is about providing more housing options for a diverse, growing population and guiding the integration of community amenities and public spaces. Our focus will be to:

  • Explore more ground-oriented housing options (like townhomes and rowhomes) in the surrounding areas off major streets
  • Provide appropriate transitions between apartment areas on major streets and surrounding single-family neighbourhoods
  • Coordinate community amenities and the design of public spaces


Spring 2016 Expo

Spring Expo – May 2016 Newsletter (1694.04 KB) 

You are invited to our June Spring Expo, the next round of consultation for Phase 3 planning.

Download the document

Cambie Corridor Plan (18055.96 KB) 

Download the Cambie Corridor Plan to learn about programs for long-term growth in areas along Cambie St. and neighbourhoods.

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Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Spring Expo

June 2 and 4, 2016 – Join us for the Cambie Corridor Phase 3 Spring Expo! Drop by one of the sessions to learn more and share your feedback on Corridor considerations like transportation, housing, community amenities, sustainability, and parks & open spaces. The Expo will also include an update on focus areas and highlight early ideas for unique sites.

 Both sessions will include the same information.

Coffee chats

Did you attend the Spring Expo, but want to chat more about the Phase 3 Focus Areas? Stop by one of the informal drop-in sessions below to chat with a planner.

What we heard at the workshops on focus areas and unique sites

March 9, 2016 – In October and November 2015, over 600 Cambie Corridor residents and other stakeholders participated in a series of workshops looking at six local sub-areas within the Cambie Corridor Phase 3 study area. Participants provided input on:

  • Proposed focus areas for considering potential change
  • Early ideas for new housing types, such as townhouses and other ground-oriented options