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CAHPI(BC) is a self-regulating Association of professional home and property inspectors, representing all regions of British Columbia. We are committed to protecting consumers through our stringent membership requirements, mandatory ongoing training programs, and our detailed CAHPI(BC) Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics.

CAHPI(BC) was instrumental in seeking provincial regulatory control of the home inspection industry which came into effect April 1, 2009.  Al
l BC practicing home and property inspectors must now be licensed through Consumer Protection BC, responsible for licensing and administering of regulations.

CAHPI(BC), the largest association of home inspectors in the province, has been critical of lax laws and non-existent inspection standards since our inception in 1991.  Since licensing for home inspectors was enacted in 2009, we continue to work with CPBC and the Government to close loopholes that allow insufficiently trained inspectors to conduct home inspections, and have pushed to raise standards to ensure every home buyer gets a comprehensive and accurate home inspection from the industry.