Realtor Drone Vancouver Video Marketing

Below is a sample of my marketing and advertising. Depending on the listing and marketing plan some of these strategies will be used to sell your home. For more information please call me

Vancouver Realtor Drone Photography Marketing

Below is a sample of some photographs I have taken with my DJI Phantom2 for the purposes of showcasing Vancouver and the properties I have listed on MLS. My drone can take arial photographs of your house or apartment for sale while featuring the neighbourhood

Jan & Al Kallas, Vancouver

After nearly 40 years in our old residence, it was decided it was time to move.  As neophytes to this experience we were apprehensive  re:  whom , what company do we solicit?  Simon was recommended and immediately allayed any concerns once we met.  He bravely tolerated our indecision for 2 years of open houses, but we could see that with every rejection  there was a secret  aha “ now I know what they are looking for”.  His thoroughness, his thoughtfulness, and depth of knowledge about everything was always encouraging. His sense of humour made every open house  an adventure in theatre.  Ultimately  the sale was quick, was slick, and met expectations in timing and price.  Simon is highly recommended.